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ava derwent


“Taviani and Burrows give us lovers to root for, she is sweet and clever with a killer smile and he is guileless and goofy with his heart on his sleeve, and their vocal blend is just lovely.”

- Judith Greenaway

“Crack in the Wall” is also sweet and lyrical, sung with a beautiful tone by Emma Taviani, one of the best in the cast (playing Ava).

- Peter Gotting
Stage Whispers



"...as the sassy Scaramouche (scary bush) was Emma Taviani, who is quite likely one of the best performers I've seen to date.

The pair delivered a roof raising rendition of "Under Pressure" that may have been my favourite song in the show. Individually, I would purchase tickets to see these two sing anywhere and everywhere, so if you see their names, I suggest you hand over your cash!"

- Hannah Barn
Weekend Notes


"The ‘lead’ role though, despite the title, is Veronica Sawyer, and Emma Taviani follows her splendid portrayal of Elphaba in Miranda’s Wicked with another impressive, layered performance, and splendid singing. 

How many other musicals provide so many fabulous roles for talented young women.

Daniel Cullen is appropriately moody and brooding as outsider J.D., and his chemistry with Emma is terrific, though his stagecraft doesn’t match her theatrical discipline."

Neil Litchfield
Stage Whispers

"This was an unremittingly dark as well as entertaining  musical with Emma Taviani delivering a nuanced and compelling performance as Veronica Sawyer."

- Lynn Belvedere
Sydney Arts Guide


"That beating heart of Wicked is splendidly delivered through the performances of Misha Williamson as white witch Galinda / Glinda and Emma Taviani as green witch Elphaba. Both have terrific voices, act truthfully, and engage the audience credibly as young university students.

Emma utterly personifies Elphaba, in a delightfully empathetic portrayal, her impressive Broadway mezzo vocals balancing Misha’s soprano delightfully. ‘For Good’, the climax of their friendship, is lump-in-the-throat special."

Neil Litchfield
Stage Whispers

Mimi Marquez

"Special mention goes to Emma Taviani, for her six-inch-stiletto-strut across the upper level of scaffolding and down the stairs, in her dead sexy number, Out Tonight (not to mention a little pole dancing to boot)!

In this role, Taviani totally floored me…She has completely embraced the complexities of this wounded, desperate soul and delivers outstanding vocals and sassy moves, making her easy to adore…"

Taviani and Gauci are perfectly paired as Mimi and Roger. It’s a relationship that is often softened and left unexplored but I felt that these two left little untouched and brought to
their performances that cruel confusion of the reality of timely (or untimely) love.

I have always had a problem with Larson’s decision to bring Mimi back to life...Having said that, Taviani and Gauci made her survival a highlight; Mimi’s impulse to live and her love for Roger, encapsulated in a single gasp that was neither overplayed nor undervalued in this precious moment."
-Xanthe Coward

"For me Emma was the stand out on stage voice wise."
-Pauline Smith
Absolute Theatre

"Emma Taviani, also had some lovely moments that evoked a few tears as Mimi in “Goodbye Love”. She handled the role with such vocal ease…"
-Bobbi-Lea Dionysius
Aussie Theatre

"Emma Taviani as Mimi…couldn’t have been better…Taviani’s “Without You” was dripping with emotion"
-Peter Pinne
Stage Whispers

"Emma Taviani plays the lost soul…and her voice is clear, pure and lovely."
-Katherine Lyall-Watson
Our Brisbane

A Very Potter Musical
Hermione Granger

"Emma Taviani is a sweet, book-hugging Hermione. The Bold and The Beautiful of this production, complete with fixed gazes out front prior to her exits."
-Xanthe Coward
XS Entertainment

"Team Potter is completed by Tom Oliver and Emma Taviani, who play Ron and Hermione... He functions really well in conjunction with Taviani's square, nerdy and neurotic portrayal of Hermione. Together, all three boast a great chemistry and bounce perfectly off the cast."
-Samuel Boyd
The City On Fire

Next to normal
natalie goodman

"Natalie has a layered, moving arc, from alienated and emotionally locked down, to the beginnings of trusting her own feelings and entering a relationship with her mother. Emma Taviani taps into this vein convincingly, building a sense of promise beyond the play’s end, and truly delivering on her portion of the rock score, as it vents teen angst and concealed vulnerability."
- Neil Litchfield
Stage Whispers

"As Natalie, their deeply troubled daughter, Emma Taviani was impressive and sang beautifully."
- David Kary
Sydney Arts Guide

Pyjamas in Paradise

"Our focus is a trio of girls (Alana Tierney, Caitlin Quinn & Emma Taviani) from conservative Gympie who meet three guys from Melbourne, and their generation who frequent the pyjama parties. They carried the show."
- Jay Mckee
Stage Whispers

Spring Awakening

"The girls (Kranz, Rachel Burke, May Grehan, Emma Taviani & Jessica Harm) underplay and remain contained until they see to want to run and scream and explode - probably the perfect representation of their sex in the 19th century."
-Xanthe Coward

Scissors, Paper, ROCK!
Poppy Ross

"Poppy Ross, played very appealingly by Emma Taviani… Emma has a fine
voice that covered well all the different emotions in her many songs."

-Eric Scott
Absolute Theatre